Sunday, September 9, 2012

Prayer/Candlelite Vigil Saturday Evening

Last night I witnessed such an outpouring of support and rain!! I can truly say I was shocked, amazed and my heart filled with so much love last night. We could not actually hold a candle light vigil because we had huge Thunderstorms, Flash Flood warning, Tornado warnings and more people kept showing up.. Rain Gear, Umbrella's in tow, saying "Lets Do This", we can still do this!! WOW.. WOW.. this is so telling of who Terry really is and how much she is loved, supported and missed. We will be planning our next vigil over this week and depending upon weather!! But Lord Blessed us with so many showing up and a childhood friend who has a missing loved one as well having her Vigil in SC, taking time from their activities to light one for Terry and say a prayer for Terry!! God Blessed Us Yesterday for sure!!!  

Thank you to all who showed up and braved the storm with hearts and souls ready no matter what it took. I am inspired and stronger than ever to find Terry and I am not backing down or giving up!!!

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